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Santa Maria del Popolo
Church History

The original icon of Santa  Maria del Popolo (St. Mary of the  People) is displayed in the "Piazza del Popolo" in Rome. The church of St. Mary  of the People has a long history. The original church was founded in 1100 by  Pope Paschall II. Pope Gregory IX had the church enlarged to thank our Blessed  Mother for her intercession after the terrible plague of 1231. Pope Gregory IX  installed this miraculous icon which became known as "St. Mary of the  People" for the community that grew up around the church.

The third archbishop of Chicago, George Mundelein, appointed December 9, 1915, was appointed Cardinal-Priest on March 24, 1924, by Pope Pius XI. His titular church in Rome was "Santa  Maria del Popolo" After taking possession of his new church, he returned  to Chicago and years later founded a new parish  of the same name in "Mundelein" a  town named  for him. An extra replica of this icon is presently above the altar  in our Parish Chapel.

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